Bowersock Mills & Power Company, Lawrence, KansasBowersock Mills & Power Company, Lawrence, Kansas

The Lawrence skyline is about to change. 

Progress on a new hydroelectric power plant is highly visible to those crossing the Kanas River bridges to and from Lawrence.   When complete, the new Bowersock Mills & Power Company powerhouse will stand as tall as the bridges that cross the “Mighty Kaw” river.

Bowersock Mills & Power Company broke ground for the new powerhouse in June 2011, with construction expected to be complete in early 2013.  Once complete, this $25 million expansion facility will triple the production of renewable energy harnessed from the waters of the Kansas River.  The new north shore powerhouse will augment the production of the current southshore facility, which currently produces 11 million kWh of hydroelectric power.  The company has signed an agreement with the Board of Public Utilities in Kansas City, Kansas to purchase the power generated for 25 years.  Bowersock Mills & Power Company has produced clean, renewable hydropower since 1874.

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